Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

The website referred to as http://bostonapplianceserviceandrepair.com is run by Pro Tech Appliance Repair and Installation – professional appliance repair company.

Procedure: All appliances must be moved into a position that allows repair man access to work on the unit. Pro tech appliance repair is not responsible for any possible damage done if we have to move an appliance in order to work on the issue at hand. The consumer is liable for any damage do to not having the unit in proper position to be worked on. 

Service Call Fee – $79.00 This fee includes the amount to examine and diagnose the issue with any of the appliances in question, on the basis of what appears to be the problem with the appliance, and then to give a projected cost.

An additional amount of money will be incurred for every fixture that is looked at and in which we diagnose the problem. This amount of money is not able to be returned to the customer, and needs to be collected before the estimate.

Appointments – there is a time frame of 2 hours by which one should expect to be serviced. We make these appointments based on when we are available.


Diagnosis – Depending on what we are told by the customer to be the problem, one of our Master Appliance Repair Servicemen will work on the appliance. However, we will need unrestricted access to the device. Some devices are very complex, and although things may seem to be working, there may also be problems that develop. If this happens, and other problems arise, we will conduct an estimate free of charge. If our serviceman gets to your location and the device starts working again, we will refer to it as having “no problem found”. However, the person who calls us for the repair is responsible to pay us our service cost of $79.00. If the problem is caused by something that is outside of the appliance, we may recommend that you call someone who specializes in that particular field. If that’s the case, the customer is responsible for all cost.


Recommendations – Any advice that we give you is just a suggestion, and should be treated as such. You are responsible for your own decisions.


Estimate – We will give you an idea of what we think it will cost for you to repair your appliance, and the offer remains good for 7 days. You are responsible for examining this estimate before you give it your signature. When you sign, it means that you say we can work on your appliance for the estimate given. Sometimes we will need to take a bit longer for our estimate, and will get back to you within 48 hours if that is the case. Sometimes the price for our supplies changes, and we may need to give you a different quote. In that case, we will revise it. We will need you to put some money down before the repair is made.


Repair Cost – As far as our prices go, we are under regulation by the MASPG, which is The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide, and because of this we charge by the job, and not by the hour. Keep in mind if there is a returned check you will need to pay us $25.


Parts – We usually have the parts we will need to make the most common repairs with us. Sometimes we won’t have the parts needed, and will have to order them. Most of these orders are initiated with one to three days of the time they become apparent. They usually take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to get here. We’ll tell you when we get the part. If we take any old parts off of your appliance, we will keep them if need be, if they are part of the repair. If we order a part and it is no longer available, we will not do the repair at all.


Maintenance – Sometimes poorly maintained appliances give the impression something is broken. If this is the case, then we will have to charge extra for cleaning the appliance before fixing it.


Warranty – Pro Tech Appliance Repair offers a 30 labor 90 day part warranty on everything. It is good on any parts we put on you appliance that are purchased through us. Our warranty isn’t transferable to other owners, and is only valid if one of our technicians do the work. If you don’t perform proper maintenance, then we will void your warranty. You can’t transfer the machine or its parts, or that will void the warranty as well. The same occurs if the repair has been jeopardized by the user – you will have voided the warranty.


Fee Disclosure – All Credit/Debit Card transactions are subject to processing fee charges.


Completed Repair – You need to sign our invoice when we repair your appliance. This shows you have examined and approved of the work done. We don’t give refunds on repairs that are finished.

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